We aim to provide you with the best service we can give, every time.

We recognise that many of you are busy juggling work, different sports and schedules during the week for your children, let alone for yourself!  This is where TennisHQ's client service will make a difference.  We endeavour to make your tennis experience - whether it be for your children or for you - one of the easy parts of your week. 

We aim to provide the complete tennis service for you, not just coaching; we know the sport. Where is the next tournament? Can you re-grip my racquet for me?  What racquet should I buy? How can I join the Club? Do you know someone I can practice with? How do I join a team? If we don’t know the answer, we will do our best to find it or point you in the right direction. 

We never want you to feel you don't know who to talk to whether it be for lessons, to see how your child is progressing, to make a payment or simply check on what's happening and when. Yes, we have online enrolment and payment capabilities and all the information is on the website, but sometimes, isn't it nice to receive a phone call or a personal email to chat about your child's progress, what level s/he should be in for the term, to outline the choices open for you to consider or to suggest another option that might suit you better or further challenge you.

Service to us, isn't just to provide you with the information on our website, for you to enrol in a class and subsequently receive an automated invoice.  We want to provide a lot more than that.  Yes of course some things need to be automated, but it will never stop us picking up the phone or sending an email; providing you with personal service that many companies forget. 


Thank you for all of your help in the background in allowing our 3 children to learn and enjoy playing tennis all these years.
— Victor SHW