TennisHQ values both the support provided by all our clients and the service we provide to our clients. In order for all our coaching programs to run successfully, it is important that all our clients are aware of our Terms and Conditions. As such, please take a moment to read the following Terms and Conditions, and in particular, the cancellation policy along with the enrolment policy. It is important to realise that our coaches’ income and livelihood is based purely on hours on court. Our Terms and Conditions therefore reflect this, whilst ensuring we can deliver a professional service at all times.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can be arranged for players of all levels wanting to take their tennis to the next level. Private lessons enable the coach to correct specific areas of the player’s game, to ensure maximum improvement and enjoyment.

Private lessons can be taken ad-hoc on a lesson by lesson basis, or by committing to a weekly day/time with a specific coach. In addition, TennisHQ offers the opportunity to buy a block of lessons. If a block of 8 or more lessons are purchased in advance of the first lesson a 10% discount will be applied to the total cost of those lessons.

Cancellation Policy

TennisHQ has a strict cancellation/re-scheduling policy. Cancellations must be made as follows, otherwise the lesson will be charged at the normal rate:

For Lessons before 12 noon: Lessons need to be cancelled no later than the evening before.

For lessons from 12 noon to 6pm: Lessons need to be cancelled no later than 8am the same day.

For lessons after 6pm: Lessons need to be cancelled no later than 12 noon on the same day.

We realise that there are many things that come up in people’s every day lives. We sympathise with this, but cannot absorb the financial responsibility of repetitive last minute cancellations. Coaches and session times have been allocated for booked lessons and unfortunately cannot be rescheduled or cancelled without the required notice. You do, however, have the option of sending someone else to take the scheduled lesson in your/your child’s place. In addition, we allow for one 'outside of the cancellation deadline’ cancellation per child each term. However, please note that this is a generous gesture, and as such, we will be strict with it. In fairness to all our clients, the cancellation policy is in effect regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

Payment Terms and Invoicing

Private lessons can be paid for by the following options:

1. In cash or by debit/credit card at the time of the lesson to the coach or office staff.

2. By invoice, payable by direct transfer into TennisHQ's bank account. Please note, payment must be received within 10 days of the date of the invoice, in order to avoid a $15 late payment fee. A valid email address and mobile number must be provided to set up invoicing.

3. By buying a block of 8 or more private lessons in advance of the first lesson. Payment must be made by cash or by debit/credit card in advance of the first lesson. By doing so, you will receive a 10% discount on the total cost of those lessons. Failure to pay in advance of the block starting will result in no discount being applied, and as such, the normal private lesson rates will apply.

Please note, there is a 1.5% surcharge on all credit card transactions, in order to help cover the facility fee.


Enrolment Policy

Enrolments for all Programs including Squads should be made prior to the start of Term so that we have time to collect the relevant health and safety information on players, and ensure our strict class ratios are maintained.

There are three ways to enrol for a program or squad:

1. Enrol online on our website - www.TennisHQ.com.au/enrol;

2. Enrol in the TennisHQ office; or

3. Enrol via email to info@TennisHQ.com.au or phone the office on 9389 5896.

Please note, spaces are not guaranteed until full payment has been made.

Payment Terms & Invoicing

Programs, Squads and Group Lessons can be paid for by the following options:

1. By credit card when enrolling online (www.TennisHQ.com.au/enrol); or

2. In cash or by debit/credit card in the TennisHQ office; or

3. By credit card via email to accounts@TennisHQ.com.au, or by phoning the office on 9389 5896.

4. By invoice, payable by direct transfer into TennisHQ's bank account. Invoice payments must be received within 10 days of the date of your child’s first lesson, in order to avoid a $15 late service fee.

Please note:

1. All online enrolments must be paid for online at the time of booking;

2. There is a 1.5% service charge on all credit card transactions, in order to help cover the facility fee;

3. Please note, spaces in a class are not guaranteed until full payment has been made.

For players who are new to TennisHQ or who are players just getting back into the sport, in the first instance you may find it easier to speak with one of us to ascertain the correct program/squad for you/your child.

If a program or squad is not at full capacity, enrolments are allowed during the Term so please call the TennisHQ office to discuss on 9389-5896 or email info@TennisHQ.com.au.

Cancellation Policy

If you find your child is not in the correct program/squad and wish to switch him/her to a more appropriate program/squad and there are spaces available, we would be happy to accommodate the change. Any difference in cost between the programs/squads will be charged.

Every program allows for a minimum and maximum number of participants. Should your child be enrolled in a program that at the beginning of term does not have the minimum number of children enrolled, TennisHQ reserves the right to cancel the program. You will then be provided with an alternative day/time for the same program. Should you be unable to commit to the alternative day/time offered, you will receive a full refund for your enrolment.

Make-up Lesson Policy

There is no fee reduction or credit for missed classes. Rather, a make-up lesson will be offered to be used up in the same school term. These make-up lessons are permitted only under the following conditions:

¥ Absences must be communicated to TennisHQ and the request must be made for a make-up lesson;

¥ Make-up lessons are offered as a courtesy by TennisHQ and are subject to availability of an appropriate and equivalent program place;

¥ A maximum of 2 make-up lessons are permitted per Term;

¥ Make up lessons are not transferable to other participants.

Please speak with one of TennisHQ’s members of staff or email info@tennishq.com.au to arrange a makeup lesson.

Parental Involvement

TennisHQ encourages all parents during tennis sessions not to enter the court while your child is having his/her lesson. This enables both the coach and player/s to fully concentrate on the lesson, create independence for the child, promote the child's decision-making skills and build the coach-player/s relationship.

Wet Weather and Heat Policy 

All TennisHQ Junior programs will run a modified program in the event that it is too hot or if there is heavy rain. It is rare that a program will be cancelled, but if TennisHQ decides to do this they will notify you via phone, text or email as soon as possible before the start of the class.

For Squad programs in the event of rain, we encourage players to wear wet weather gear and be prepared to still train if courts are deemed fit for practice.

In the event a parent or player deems the weather conditions to be too extreme for safe participation in any program/squad where possible, a player can arrange a make-up session within the same school term (please see section Make-up Lesson Policy above).

Lessons will always be on unless you are notified of a cancellation. 

We keep the last week of school term free for any make-up classes if a particular class is missed during the term due to wet weather or due to excessive heat. No refunds or credits are given if you/your child can not attend the make-up class.


I acknowledge and agree that the staff of TennisHQ will act on my behalf, according to their best judgement, in any emergency requiring medical attention. I release TennisHQ from any and all liability for injury or illness and costs incurred whilst undertaking a program or event with TennisHQ.


TennisHQ takes privacy extremely seriously. The data collected from you will not be sold, exchanged, transferred or given to any third party for any reason whatsoever, without your consent. The email address and mobile phone number/s you provide may be used by TennisHQ to send you information, respond to inquiries and/or other requests or questions.


When a player aged between 4 years and 14 years of age joins any of TennisHQ's tennis programs, their details will be registered with Tennis Australia's HotShots Program to enable players to receive a free t-shirt, discounts and other exclusive opportunities. All the information can be found on the following link: https://hotshots.tennis.com.au/register. Please notify us via email (info@TennisHQ.com.au) if you would prefer for your child/ren not to be registered with Tennis Australia's Hot Shots Program.


I acknowledge that TennisHQ may take photographs and/or video clips of children during tennis programs, lessons and events. I further acknowledge and agree that these photographs may be used in Tennis HQ’s marketing material including leaflets, posters, the TennisHQ website and on TennisHQ’s social media pages. Usage is without compensation or notice. If you do not give permission for your child/ren to be photographed or videoed, please notify us via email - info@TennisHQ.com.au