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What clients are saying:

Heading down to Warren’s adult class was, quite genuinely, one of the best things I’ve done. It was brilliant to have a highly experienced coach take us through all the essentials of the modern game, while at the same time adapting drills to accommodate different skill levels. Warren goes above and beyond to help and encourage us and is otherwise just a really good bloke who is easy to relate to and have a good laugh with. My kids and their friends absolutely love heading to the Friday Fun Night run by TennisHQ too.
— Rhett M
Both of my sons are long time students of TennisHQ Nedlands, and both have immeasurably benefited from the expertise and top quality coaching they have experienced over the years.  Their involvement with TennisHQ and Nedlands Tennis Club is a key part of their lives and has culminated in the boys representing both in the Summer Leagues and choosing tennis as their school summer sport.  Thanks to TennisHQ, my sons have not only had fun, made friends and gained tennis skills, they’ve also learned the importance of focus, discipline, sportsmanship and community. 
— Jody S

TennisHQ - High Quality Tennis Coaching

Our Coaches

Our coaches are the most valuable asset of TennisHQ; they are TennisHQ's backbone.  Without them, we couldn't function.  Every coach is different; they all have different personalities.  At TennisHQ we take this into account when matching up players with coaches, making sure we get the best fit for all our clients - juniors and adults alike.

We strive to have the best coaches in Perth. Our focus is not their playing skills, but their coaching skills. We value professionalism, we value manners and respect, we value communication, and we value enthusiasm and energy. Most of all, we value passion for the sport.  You cannot foster the love of the sport in another individual without owning it yourself.

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Find Us 

TennisHQ is located at Nedlands Tennis Club, which is on the corner of Bruce Street and Gallop Road in Nedlands.

If you have any questions feel free to contact any one of us on info@TennisHQ.com.au or phone 9389 5896.